June 17, 2024

FVCS Annual Ski & Sports Swap Virtual All October!

BACKGROUND: Since Four Valleys Community School cannot hold an in-person Ski & Sports Swap this year (thanks, Covid!), we are going VIRTUAL! This will be a no host self-supported swap; we ask that sellers donate anywhere from 20-100% of your sales to back FVCS. 

HOW DOES THIS WORK? Join our FVCS Girdwood Ski & Sports Swap Facebook page, and during the entire month of October post your gear to SELL. You can also post gear that you are looking to BUY to see if anyone in our community has the sizes and type of gear you seek. You make the connection, close the deal, host the transaction, and then make a donation back to FVCS. We suggest between 20-100% of the gear price. Your donations will be on an honor system, and we appreciate any support. We will be using the GiveButter platform to accept your donations, but you can also do it the old fashioned way and send us a check to PO Box 790, Girdwood, AK 99587. 

SPEAKING OF DONATIONS: We know we are not the lone ranger, but this has been a really tough year for Four Valleys Community School. In our 40th year of providing community education to the greater Girdwood community we were forced to shut down for 4 months. As winter darkness closes in on the Girdwood valley, the role of FVCS is very important to the social, mental and physical health of this community.  We are proud to be a legacy non-profit with the community of Girdwood being the very DNA that created us, and we plan on serving Girdwood for now and forever, despite present day challenges.  Your donations allow us to continue to show up for Girdwood, offering classes, programs and events for all ages. Thank you very much for the support of our program. Please consider a donation of between 20-100% of your gear sales, recycle gear back into our community, support FVCS programs, and share the stoke. You can also just plain old donate some funds to us too. Every dime will be used to bring more programs, classes and events to Girdwood. Thank you ALL.