February 22, 2019

Pick.Click.Give LOCAL

There are SIX Girdwood based non-profits who are part of the 2019 Pick.Click.Give program, including Four Valleys Community School. We are proud to part of a collaboration of non-profit organizations who serve our community. When you file for your 2019 PFD and designate Pick.Click.Give funds please remember your local non-profits who serve our community.

Four Valleys Community School (that’s us!)

Girdwood Fine Arts Camp

Girdwood Health Clinic

Girdwood Nordic Ski Club

Glacier City Radio KEUL

Alyeska Might Mites Ski Racing Program

Donor Spotlight: Girdwood Forest Fair

Did you know that the Girdwood Forest Fair is our community’s largest philanthropist?  Each year a volunteer committee of dedicated Forest Fair locals pulls off three days of art, music and community and donates the profits to local non-profits including the Four Valleys Community School. Their generous donation helps to fund our scholarship and financial aid programs for both kids and adults who would like to take our classes, but need a little extra help to do so. Ask around, you will find that the Girdwood Forest Fair quietly funds many local non-profits who serve Girdwood. They are community in action! Thank you Girdwood Forest Fair Committee!

Girdwood K-8 School Culture Night Tuesday February 5th from 6-7:45p

Girdwood K-8 School staff is putting together an Alaska Culture Night on Tuesday February 5th at the Girdwood K-8 School. The idea behind this event is to share and celebrate the rich Alaska Native culture that exists both within and outside of our school. There will be drumming and dancing, an Native Youth Olympic athlete who holds the World Record in the 1 foot high kick, a professor and author sharing a book about his life and publications, and art and crafts to be made and to view. This is a free event that has been coordinated by educators at the Girdwood K-8 School, and proudly sponsored by Four Valleys Community School.

Held Tuesday February 5th from 6-7:45p at the Girdwood K-8 School.

FREE After School Science Enrichment Events Thursday January 24th Sponsored by FVCS & Our Donors!

These free enrichment events are sponsored by Four Valleys Community School because we love hands-on learning and watching our youth grow into life-long learners.
We couldn’t do it without donations from Pick.Click.Give, support from Girdwood Board of Supervisors, funds from donors like the Girdwood Forest Fair Committee and individual donors (listed below). Thank you for supporting community education in Girdwood!
2018 Donors: Rorie Hammel, Mike Edgington & Kalie Harrison, Lin Hinderman, Jerry & Carol Fox, Chloe Wurr, Sarah Haynes-Cronk, Linda & James Stinson, Jeff & Sharon Samuels, Jonnie & William Lazarus, The Libby Group, Pat & Betsy Preis, Justin Persons, Rainbo, Josh Meister, Brian & Barbra Shore, John Weddelton, Robyn Kenny, Sally Randich, Ambler Stephenson, Shane Patrick, Alex Fletcher/Spoonline, Tyson & Cedar Ruckle, Girdwood Chapel, Oona & Odin Whitman, Carl Propes, Susan Carse, Brian & Misty Pekar, Mark & Julie Jonas, Carolyn Seramur, & Pieter Vander Hoek.
Thursday January 24th from 3:30-5pm
To register follow these links!