June 17, 2024

Annual Sports Swap

Each fall we urge community members to clean out their closets and garages, and bring their sporting goods to the Alyeska Daylodge for a huge swap. The event is a fundraiser for Four Valleys Community School, and a great annual community gathering. Special thank you to our event host, Alyeska Resort, for allowing FVCS Sports Swap to use the Alyeska Daylodge for this annual event!

Schedule for FVCS Sports Swap Gear Drop-off and Sale – Saturday, November 4th:

  1. Gear Drop-off:
  • Check-in for gear to be sold from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
  • Please use the mountain side doors at the Alyeska Daylodge for drop-off.
  1. Gear Prep:
  • If you were unable to tag your items at home or obtain a Control Sheet, there will be a few stations available for gear prep.
  1. Volunteer Shop:
  • Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • Please note that a mandatory coat check will be in place. If you do not wish to check your coats, it is recommended to leave them in your car.
  1. General Public Shop:
  • Time: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
  • Please note that a mandatory coat check will be in place. If you do not wish to check your coats, it is recommended to leave them in your car.
  1. Gear Pick-up and Sales Payout:
  • Time: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
  • Any gear left after 4:00 pm will become the property of Four Valleys Community School.

What to do with your Leftover Gear and Equipment and who FVCS distributes left over clothing and equipment to:

  • Girdwood K-8 School
  • Women’s Shelter
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Hoarding Marmot/Play It Again
  • Goodwill


Ski & Sports Swap 2023 will be held on Saturday, November 4th! We need volunteers to help pull this event off with Girdwood style! Sign up to help with set up, checking in gear, clean up and more.  As a volunteer, you will not only play a crucial role in supporting our community’s youngest athletes but also gain invaluable experience, build connections, and contribute to a vibrant and inclusive sports community. You will also have an opportunity to shop early (11a-Noon) the day of the Sports Swap as an added benefit. We also provide light lunch, snacks and beverages for our amazing volunteers. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your gear for sale:

Step 1: Obtain a Control Sheet and Blue Tags. You can get them from the office of Four Valleys Community School or the Girdwood Post Office cork board. Each Control Sheet can accommodate up to 10 items. If you have more than 10 items, either make copies of your Control Sheet or use the provided blank control sheets. Make sure to use the same control number on all your gear tags, as this number helps us track your sales. 25% of all sales are a donation to Four Valleys Community School, Inc. Our EIN is 20-1259568.

Step 2: Gather your gear and attach Blue Tags. Record your items on the Control Sheet using your control number. It is recommended to do this ahead of time so that you can prepare and price your gear, clean it up, and accurately tag and record it. Preparing your gear at home is more efficient than doing it on the day of the sale at the Alyeska Daylodge, which can be chaotic. Take the time to assess the condition of your equipment and determine if they are suitable for sale or should be discarded. Please do not use the FVCS Sports Swap as a means of discarding gear.

Please consider donating 100% of your sales revenue to Four Valleys Community School. If you wish to donate, indicate this on your Control Sheet in the column provided. We highly appreciate your donations, as they enable us to offer engaging programs and classes for local children and adults, sustaining an active and involved community in Girdwood throughout the year.

Four Valleys Community School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Girdwood. Our EIN number is 20-1259568.

Instructions for Gear Prep and Tag Placement:

It is important to securely place Blue Tags on your gear. If the volunteers responsible for gear intake deem your gear to be in poor condition or unsafe, it will not be accepted for sale.

Skis and Snowboards: Items with gouged bottoms or damaged edges may not sell well. Older, straight-sided alpine skis will NOT sell at the swap, so please do not bring them. Shaped used skis, on the other hand, are in demand. Tape each pair securely together at the tips and tails using strong tape. Attach tags flat on the top of the skis, just below the tip.

Ski & Snowboard Boots: Boots that are more than 10 years old and worn out are unlikely to sell. However, newer boots in good condition and priced appropriately have a higher chance of selling. Boots that fit old-style bindings for Nordic skiing will not sell, but modern Nordic boots in good shape will. Tie boots together securely with a strong string and tape Blue Tags on the back of each boot, above the heel.

Poles: Tape ski poles together near the grips and baskets. Wrap the tag around the poles.

Skates: Tie skates securely together with a string and tape Blue Tags on the back of each skate, above the heel.

Clothing: Wash clothes so they are clean and fresh. Clothing should be in good condition, appearing new or almost new. Attach Blue Tags to each item using string or safety pins. If the clothing has a zipper, attach the tag to the main zipper.

If you follow these guidelines, your gear will be well-prepared for sale. Good luck!

Here’s a guide on the types of gear you can bring to the swap:

Please bring gear that is relatively modern and in good condition. We advise against bringing old, beat-up, or dirty equipment, as they generally do not sell well. Good quality gear that is priced appropriately has a higher chance of selling. There is a strong market for good used modern skis that are priced competitively.

As a general rule, equipment that is more than ten years old is likely obsolete and may not sell.

Skis: Please refrain from bringing old-style straight-sided alpine skis to the ski swap, as they will not sell. Shaped skis in good condition and priced right have a better chance of selling.

Bindings: Ski shops typically do not remount or adjust obsolete bindings, and we encourage you to follow suit. If the bindings are old, it’s best not to bring them.

Boots: Similar to skis and bindings, boot technology has significantly improved in recent years. We advise against selling old, worn-out boots, as they are unlikely to sell regardless of the price. Boots with cracked shells, missing buckles, or faulty liners should not be presented for sale. However, if your boots are newer, in good shape, and priced appropriately, there is a chance they will sell.

XC Boots: Please avoid bringing XC boots that are not compatible with modern XC bindings.

Clothing: If you have used outdoor-oriented clothing that is newer and unstained, there is a reasonable chance it will sell. Price it competitively. However, worn-out clothing or non-sport-related clothing should not be brought to the swap.

Tule boxes and ski racks: We occasionally sell these items if they are priced reasonably.

Goggles: Only bring brand new or lightly used goggles to the swap.

Other: Skates and hockey gear, roller skis, winter shoes/boots, snowshoes, high-end sleds (no cheap plastic sleds), ice climbing gear in good condition or like-new, packs & equipment bags, electronics (transceivers, helmet/sports cams, two-way radios, etc.) in good working condition, bikes of all kinds, and backcountry & skijoring gear are also welcome.

*DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to refuse equipment and gear at the time of check-in based on quality and condition.

How Should I Price My Gear?

This is a swap, so remember that equipment and gear should be priced at swap prices. Swap prices are cheap. Think about pricing this way: shops will sell equipment at 40-60% off normal retail prices during the early fall and late spring sales. Used equipment must be priced MUCH lower.

Suggested Sales Price for Equipment (based on averages from our friends at UAA/ASC Swap 2022):

SKIS- Adult Alpine- Average $120, Junior Alpine- $60, Backcountry Skis- $150, Telemark Skis- $110, Adult Skate- $120, Adult Classic X/C- $80, Junior Skate- $40, Junior Classic X/C- $40

BOOTS- Most used Alpine boots Do Not Sell. Price them low. Nordic boots sell. Average sale prices: Adult Alpine/Boots- $60, Junior Alpine/Boots- $30, Alpine XC/Boots- $30, Junior XC/Boots- $20, Snowboard Boots- $30, Telemark Boots- $30.

POLES- Alpine Poles $12 average, Nordic poles $25.

KIDS GEAR- Easy to sell, always in high demand. Price it low. Kid’s packages at ski shops are relatively inexpensive. We run out of kid’s gear first. There is a big demand for kid’s skis, boots, and poles.

SNOW BOARDS– Average Snowboard $75.

CLOTHING – Bring outdoor oriented clothing. Men’s Clothing average $40, Women’s Clothing average $40, Childrens Clothing average $20.

MISCELLANEOUS OTHER GEAR– Odds and ends will sell if they are not junky.

Remember, these are just suggested prices based on averages, and you are free to adjust them based on the condition and desirability of your gear. It’s always a good idea to be competitive with your pricing to attract buyers.