September 29, 2023

What is Four Valleys Community School?

Four Valleys Community School (FVCS) has been operating in Girdwood, Alaska since 1980, and formed as an independent non-profit organization in 2004 after state and school funding was eliminated for the district wide Community Schools Program. We are based on a simple community education model and philosophy: provide programs that utilize our community and local resources, promote life long learning, and emphasize educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities for local residents of all ages.

Because Girdwood does not have a YMCA, a community center, a Health Club, a Sylvan Learning Center or any other enriching amenity afforded to those living geographically closer to Anchorage, Four Valleys Community School has filled this gap over the years. We are based in a community that values education and enriching experiences, making the support of our programs vibrant and dynamic.

We successfully partner with the Anchorage School District to use the Girdwood School building after school hours.This enables us to bring members of the local community into the school building who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to utilize this facility. Our partnership with the Girdwood School truly is a model of how a public building can be utilized efficiently to serve its surrounding neighborhood.

Our instructor base is largely volunteer, which is notable and astounding each and every day. People are willing to give their time and skills in order to make their entire community a better place. We could not do what we do without them.

Four Valleys Community School is truly a community based organization, committed to providing meaningful educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities for local community members.