June 17, 2024

Thank You 2018 Pick.Click.Give Donors!

This week Four Valleys Community School received a check of $3900 from donations via Pick.Click.Give donors. We are grateful for the contributions of locals who value community education, and the programs that we offer locally. We exist today because of people like you who support us and choose to give a part of their Permanent Fund Dividend to help us keep on doing what we do best:  providing enriching opportunities for the residents of Girdwood, Indian, Bird & Portage. Thank you for your support!

To join in supporting FVCS through Pick.Click.Give, select us when you file for your 2019 Permanent Fund Dividend. It is an easy and great way to “share the wealth” through charitable giving, and your funds will stay right here in Girdwood to support our community education programs.

Apply for your PFD from January 1 to March 31st, 2019 and select “Four Valleys Community School” in the drop down menu. To learn more, go to www.pickclickgive.org.