July 15, 2024

Thank You Pick.Click.Give Donors 2015: Keeping It Local!

Ours is truly a “Give Where You Live” community! This year 77 donors contributed to Four Valleys Community School via Pick.Click.Give.  A heartfelt thank you to all those who donated to our program.  We are primarily funded through our program revenues, fundraising, and your donations. Your contributions speak directly to our mission: of our community, by our community and for our community for 35 years.
Thank you Girdwood, Bird, Indian and Portage locals!
$300+ Level: Lyn Hinderman
$200+ Level: Rebecca Reichlin
$100+ Level: Cyrus Read, Rich Parry, Cary Lukes, Carolyn Brodin, Joslyn Stinson, Donna Knutson, Rorie Hammel, Lou Theiss, Kerstin Johansson, Jeff Samuels, Kate Sandberg, Sherry Dugan, & Trina Short
$50 -$75 Level:  Hugh Short, Ken Graham, Julie Jonas, Loretta Daniel, Joan Frankevich, Anna Fleming, Jennifer Johnston, Eryn Boone, Kris Malecha, Barb Crews, Paul Crews, Shannon Dierks, Stacey Kauffman, Gail Hille, Bethanie Nix, George Nix, & Michael Gray
$25 Level: Maggie Donnelly, Tommy O’Malley, Lucy Lukes, Isabel Lukes, Martin, Madelyn, and Kristen Cassens, Samantha McMillan, Paula Bogdan, Olivia Stone, Kate Gryn, Andy Preis, Arlene Weber Sword, Gail & Scott Pattison, Brooks Chandler, Selita Rios, Kelly Bandoch, Sam, Eli & Jeff Bogdan, Jesse, Gunnar & Laurel Nix, Ashley, Guy & Hardy Wade
and 16 Anonymous donations via Pick.Click.Give.
Your donated funds are used to support our programs including T-Ball, community events, FVCS Nordic Ski Club ,indoor and outdoor soccer for local youth, support the Girdwood School play and spring intensives, funds free family science nights, and over 80 other classes and events. When you give where you live, your donation stays in our community. Thank you!