July 15, 2024

Thank You Donors 2013

We would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals, businesses, and organizations who have donated to Four Valleys Community School this year. Your donations are used to supplement our program including operations, scholarships, rental fees and other operational aspects that keep our programs affordable. We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening this community now and forever, and aspire to create an endowment to fund projects important for the future of community school in Girdwood, Bird, Indian and Portage.

Pick.Click.Give. donations from Jonnie & William Lazarus, the McDermott Family, Ken Graham, Shannon Dierks, Carl Propes, Julie Jonas, Rorie Hammel, Lynee’ Doran, Paul & Barbra Crews, Cathy Peterson, Kelly Bandoch, Larry Daniels, Kate Sandburg, Shannon Earl, Janet Ladd, Jody Liddicoat, Gail Pattison, Rebecca  Reichlin, Betsy Preis, Gail Hille, Madelyn Cassens, Anna Fleming, Janette Kiland, the Nix Family, Catherine Moncrieff, Michael Gray, Hugh & Trina Short, Carolyn Brodin, Frans Weits, Robyn Kenny, the Wade Family, Loretta Daniel, Lori Landenburger, Joan Frankevich, Cece Mendonsa, and 15 anonymous donors.

The Randich Family Foundation via the Alaska Community Foundation

The Forest Fair Committee & The Fungus Fair Committee

Stefanie & Mike Flynn (The Bake Shop), Carol Makar (The Ice Cream Shop), and Mike & Kelly Miller (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center), and Lee Ellis (Midnight Sun Brewing Co.)

Other donations from Whitney Whitman, Jeff & Sharon Samuels, Beth Davidson, Cary & Nate Lukes, Rorie Hammel, Janette Kiland, and Wendy & Nate Tueller, Kelvin Doyle (OTC Web Design), and Alaska Drift Away Fishing

Donations toward Annual Volunteer BBQ from Challenge Alaska